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Meet Juliette and Graham

We are Juliette and Graham and have been married since 2002.  Just like so many others, we have endured many up and downs in our lives along with far too many losses but together we can get through anything.  We worked 8-10 hours per day, often worked overtime and commuted sometimes 3 hours a day to and from work.  We looked forward to Fridays, dreaded Monday mornings and counted the days till our vacations started.  Weekends were jam packed with doing everything for everyone and leaving little to no time for ourselves or what was important to us.  Our cups were always empty....
Juliette worked in the Communications Industry for 22 years until the company completed a re-organization and the department was dissolved.  My life was turned upside down and my identity and ego were rocked to the core.  I pivoted and refused to allow this emotional and financial set back crush me.  I have taken this opportunity to allow my entrepreneurial and passion for helping others to shine and no longer hide behind someone else’s schedule, restraints or ideals.  Focusing on personal development, changing my mindset and being more consistent in my self-care routine to support myself both emotionally and physically.

Graham currently works in the IT industry and has for the past 30+ years. I love anything related to Mustang cars and can talk to you for days about them.  I’m the quiet one as I save my words for my quick wit and amazing sense of humor, Juliette is the talkative one with a heart of gold, and together we are the yin to each other’s yang.

Together we have copious amounts of customer service experience and both have a true passion for helping others in a heart-centered way. In our spare time you will find us golfing, camping, geo-caching, hiking, spending time by the ocean and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

We are on a mission to help a whole lot of people break free and educate themselves with the knowledge and resources that have helped and empower us on our health and wellness journey!

 Come and join our group of positive and uplifting individuals and learn how you can find freedom with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community.  
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