A conversation with myself.......
Have you ever really paid attention to the conversation that goes on in your head?

I have been working on getting back into my morning routine.  Getting up at 5am, moving my body for a minimum of 30 min, showering and then starting my day.  While I have not been successful in getting up at 5am, I have been consistent with moving my body.  Normally, I would allow my lack of getting up at 5am as I promised myself to stop me from moving my body no matter what time I finally dragged my butt out of bed and say ‘there’s always tomorrow’.  Rinse and repeat and by the end of the week, I did not move my body for the minimum of 30 min as I promised myself.  

This would often trigger negative self-talk, feeling bad about myself and the downward spiral would start. 

While I was on my walk this morning, I was embattled in a constant back and forth chat with my inner child who was determined to derail my exercise today.  

Here is a snippet of my inner dialect this morning between my Inner Child (👶) and Myself (👩‍🦰).

👶:  OK great you are moving your body, but let’s go up this street and cut up that street and you’ll be home in no time.
👩‍🦰:  Keep walking.  You promised yourself to walk to the ocean and enjoy the view.

👶:  Aargh.  OK fine.  What if you walk along the golf course and up this street and then cut through the mall parking lot and through the park, you’ll be home and still get your 30 min in...your shower is going to feel amazing!
👩‍🦰:  Would you please stop!  You are going to the ocean.  You promised.  Keep the promise you made to yourself.  You are worth it!

👶:  I can feel blisters forming and your muscles in your legs, knees and arms are screaming at you....can’t you hear them?  If you call Graham, he’ll come and get you and you’ll be home in no time and enjoy that shower!
👩‍🦰:  Yes, I feel the blisters but there’s nothing I can do about them now.  Your muscles are not screaming they are rejoicing because you are using them.  They are celebrating.  Graham is working you are NOT bothering him.  This is not life and death, you are moving your body and going for a walk.  Look ahead I can see the oceanside just down the street.  You can do this!

👶:  I don’t want to go to the beach anymore.  Why are you doing this to me?  I want to me at home in my jammies.
👩‍🦰:  Too late...you are almost there!  And you do want to go the beach, it’s your happy spot and you are going to be so grateful once you get there.  I am so happy to be moving my body.

👶:  OK, we are at the beach.  You proved me wrong.  Your blisters are huge let’s call Graham.  Maybe you can take the bus home...look it’s right there.
👩‍🦰:  I love this place.  I love the scent.  I love the breeze on my face.  I did it!  I made it to the beach!!  Yes, your blisters hurt but that’s OK.  Take your time going home and let’s see what we can appreciate along the way back.  I am not calling Graham and I am not getting on the bus.  I walked here, I will walk home.  I got this!

In the past I would have let my Inner Child win and I would succumb to her derailing my plans/goals. What I realized this morning is that all of the work I have been doing on my mindset and with the Aroma Freedom Technique sessions, the work I have been doing IS working.  

did not allow my Inner Child to win today.  
I had a goal and I stuck to it and crushed it.  

Yes...with some blisters but that’s OK, my positive mindset took charge today and outshined my Inner Child.  

As I walked home, I took the time to look around and enjoy the beauty all around me and that I had failed to appreciate on my way to the beach.  I found gratitude in the beautiful flowers that so many homeowners have carefully planted and tended to and in turn finding that gratitude lifted my heart as I made my way home after successfully completing my morning walk.  Such a powerful way to start my day and a wonderful gift to myself to see that my hard work on my mindset is paying off.  

I am SO excited for what the future holds! 

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