Changing Your Habits Is Like Tending To Your Garden

Changing Your Habits Is Like Tending To Your Garden
A friendly reminder that in order to grow or to make changes, it all takes time.  

Give yourself grace, forgive yourself if you have fallen off the track or stopped working on your goals or changing your habits. 

Don’t compare your process to others, as hard as that is sometimes.   

With it being Spring, it’s a perfect time to drive the point home.
When you plant seeds in your garden, do they burst out of the ground the next morning?   No, it takes time for them to grow. 
You need to enhance your soil so that your plants have the right growing conditions, you need to fertilize, weed, tend to your gardens each and every week.  

You need to water your plants to help them grow and make sure they have the right amount of sun or shade, depending on the item you are growing.  
If you didn’t have a successful garden last year and fail to make any changes, is it reasonable to expect that your garden will be successful this year?
I know I have said this before but I’m going to say it again because it’s so true:

“If you change nothing.  Nothing changes.”  ~Joyce Brothers
You will get the same results next year and every year after that, unless you make some changes.  You might have a little bit of change.  

If you don’t tend to your garden weekly by weeding it, eventually the weeds will choke out the plants you want to grow. 

And those plants that need sun, simply won’t grow to their full potential if you plant them in the shade.  And if you forget to water your plants....well, we all know what happens when things get dehydrated, don’t we?
As you are planting new seeds for your life, you are: 

  • adjusting your growing environment by being mindful of what you are reading/watching/listening to; 
  • practicing gratitude and enriching your soul; 
  • weeding the garden around you and removing the toxicity around you, including people, your thoughts and the words you are speaking to yourself; 
  • removing yourself from negative people and situations in your life;
  • removing toxic products and habits and replacing them with healthier ones; 
  • nourishing your body with healthier foods, supplements, exercise;  and 
  • empowering yourself to shine by showering yourself with self-love, gratitude, positivity and putting your needs and desires before others. 
By doing all of these, you are tending to the beautiful garden of your life.  

You are making changes to help your life grow in all the ways that are possible.  

Keep tending to your garden everyday and continue to improve the soil you are growing in.  

The possibilities for your life are truly endless but only if we make sure that we are tending to our garden and our environment.

 Give yourself time to work on these changes.  

You are changing habits that you have had for many, many years and it will take a lot of time and effort for you to cultivate the changes you are desiring.  And, those changes are going to be worth it!  

Keep tending to your garden and enjoy reaping the benefits you so deserve!

What Is Your Inner Critic Telling You?

What Is Your Inner Critic Telling You?

We all have that little inner critic that tells you false statements and unfortunately, a lot of us allow those 'false' statements to hold us back from moving in the direction we desire.

Have you ever wanted to do something, try something new, look for a new job, meet a new person, put yourself out there and then you hear this little voice in your head saying awful things like:

  • 'You can't do this'
  • 'You are not smart enough'
  • 'You will never be successful'
  • 'You are fat'
  • 'You are not worthy'
  • 'You don't deserve ____'
  • 'You are dumb'
  • 'Nobody will listen to you'
  • 'They won't like you'
When you hear that little voice telling you these things, how does it make you feel?
Does it encourage you to keep moving forward with what you are desiring or does it stop you in your tracks?

Whenever that little voice is telling you that you can't move forward with something that you desire, it is just your FEAR or some even call it your Ego or your 'inner child'. 

This inner voice is simply trying to hold you back and keep you in your 'safe' and 'comfort' zone.

As hard as it is.....Don't Listen to it!

You deserve to have goals and dreams and you also DESERVE to have ALL of them come to fruition!

Be excited for what you want.
See it happening. Believe that it will come true.
See how different your life is going to be because you were BRAVE enough to go after what you wanted.

And, whatever you do, keep taking those imperfect action steps so that you can continue to become a better version of yourself today, than you were yesterday!

If you just don't know how to move past these inner thoughts to help get you moving towards your dreams, this is where the Aroma Freedom Technique may be able to help you move past some of these barriers.  

Want to hear more about the Aroma Freedom Technique?  
Check out the information on our website ( for some more helpful information and even a way to connect with me for a quick chat or even set up a one-on-one or group session.