Progress Over Perfection....
Progress Over Perfection....

As we wrap up 2021, it's a great time to reflect back on the year and to celebrate ALL of our progress through the year.

The key is NOT to focus on the perfection and that 'I could have done ____ better'.

Do not beat yourself up or talk poorly to yourself for things that did not go well or as planned.
Did you have a goal or a vision for something that has not come to fruition yet?

That's OK!  Maybe it went exactly how it was supposed to go.....have you ever thought of that?

I too struggle with 'Perfection', but then think.....who decided what 'Perfection' is? 

Perfection is different to each of us.

Perfection stops us from taking action, it stops you dead in your tracks from moving forward, it keeps you spinning and at times down a very dark unhealthy and self-defeating path and for what reason....because we fear of what others will think, that we will fail, etc. I could go on and on with all of the ways that striving for 'perfection' has literally stopped me in so many ways and for ALL of the wrong reasons.

What we need to remember is that failing, making mistakes, all of it is part of the process. This is what makes us better. This is what helps encourage us to 'tweak', 'pivot' or 'adjust your crown', however you see it.

When babies are learning to they often wobble and fall?
Do you think Wayne Gretzky was a #1 hockey player when he 1st picked up a hockey stick?
Were the Wright Brothers successful in taking flight on their 1st attempt to fly a plane?

The answer to all of these is a resounding NO. 

But what did they ALL do?

They kept trying, they kept practicing, they kept tweaking what they were doing and because of their consistency and their tenacity....they slowly and surely got better and succeeded in their goals. 

They did not allow 'perfection' from stopping them.

NO ONE is perfect, even though we all have people in our lives that think they are....they really aren't!

So, today, celebrate the progress over perfection you experienced this year and may you keep the momentum going into 2022.   

And if fear is still holding you back, may 2022 be the year you break free from those limiting beliefs, take action on things that are important to you and start letting your light shine brightly by empowering yourself to take progress over perfection each and every day!


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