The Power Of Saying 'No'
Do you have a vision for your future?  
Are you actively working on that vision every single day?

I used to say ‘Yes’ to EVERYTHING for everyone else except me.  I would fill up our weekends with a long list of things we needed to do for others.  

At the end of the weekend, I would be thankful to have helped others, yet mad at myself as I accomplished nothing on our own To Do List and I was way too exhausted to start tackling it.  

While I have a vision for my goals and dreams, my 'people pleasing' tendencies were not allowing me the time or space to work on them.

What have I learned about saying 'Yes' to anything and everyone else's needs?:

  • that there is no time left for me to work on what matters to me, including my dreams.  
  • saying ‘Yes’ to someone just because I feel obligated is not OK.  If I have the time and the ability to help, then OK, I’m all in.   
  • by saying ‘Yes’ to everyone else’s needs and putting mine on the back burner, I am showing others, including myself, that their needs are way more important than mine.  And that’s not OK.  Now  I am being a better example for others by saying 'No' when appropriate.
At my prior job, when a situation presented itself and it was not aligned with what either my co-worker or I needed to focus on, yet we wanted to jump in and say 'Yes' to fix the issue/situation but really we should be saying 'No', we got into the habit of saying this statement to each other to help us stay on track,  
‘Someone else’s poor planning does not make it my priority.’  

  • The word ‘No’ is so small and yet it is such a powerful word.  

What I have learned from saying 'No' from anything and everything:
  • I am now giving myself the space to be the best version of me.  
  • I am freeing up time to work on me, my goals, personal development, self-care time and so much more.  
  • I am not saying that you should say ‘No’ to everything.  As I still say 'Yes', especially if it's a true emergency.  
  • I simply take a moment or two before jumping right in to reflect on what I have on my plate and evaluate whether or not it's the right choice for me to say 'Yes'.
  • I may even bite my tongue and have some internal chatter with myself afterwards to give myself grace and remind myself that I am NOT being selfish.  I am setting healthy boundaries for me and my time....and that's OK! 

With it being the start of a new month, it’s always a great time to re-evaluate.  So, audit what’s on your plate for the upcoming month and decide what tasks, commitments, etc. need to be removed from your plate.  

Ask yourself, what else am I doing that is no longer serving me or allowing me the time and energy to focus on my goals and dreams?  

And when you free up some time, make sure you are using that time wisely to work on you, your dreams and your goals.  

The only thing holding you YOU!

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